Beyblade X (2023): Unleash the Power!

Welcome to the thrilling world of Beyblade X, the fourth installment in the Beyblade Burst series. Explore the X Dash gimmick, new Beyblade designs, and more! Premiering on October 6, 2023, exclusively on Netflix Japan.

X Dash: The Ultimate Gimmick

Dive into the innovative "X Dash" feature, taking Beyblade battles to new heights. Experience heart-pounding action and intensified battles. Witness the spinning tops achieving unprecedented speeds and devastating attacks.

The Beyblade X Story

Enter the Beyblade world in 2023, where Blading reaches new heights. Follow the journey of new Bladers in search of the legendary ultimate Beyblade. Experience adventure, revelation, and the power of friendship.

Production Dream Team

Meet the studios behind Beyblade X: OLM, Shogakukan, and Takara Tomy. Discover their rich history of collaboration in the Beyblade franchise. Anticipate another thrilling series brought to life by this talented trio.

What Awaits You in Beyblade X

New Characters, New Journeys, Cutting-Edge Beyblades, Adrenaline-Pumping Battles, Fresh Challenges, Globe-Trotting Adventures