Introduction to Dr. Stone Season 3

Explore the world of "Dr. Stone" and its captivating journey in Season 3, titled "Dr. Stone: New World.

The Story So Far

Recap the incredible journey of Senku and his allies in the first two seasons, setting the stage for the excitement of Season 3.

What's Next: Season 3

Delve into the ongoing adventures of Senku and his companions as they embark on a quest to uncover the origins of the petrification phenomenon in "Dr. Stone: New World.


Explore the unique plot of "Dr. Stone" where science meets a stone-age world and humanity's revival hinges on Senku's scientific expertise.


Discover the profound themes of science, friendship, and perseverance that underpin the narrative of "Dr. Stone.

New Characters

Meet the fresh faces joining the cast in Season 3, adding depth and complexity to the story.

New Technologies

Get ready for a technological marvel with the unveiling of remarkable innovations in "Dr. Stone: New World.

New Conflicts

Brace yourself for the challenges that await our heroes, from the enigmatic Why-Man to the unforgiving realities of the New World.

What to Expect

A sneak peek into the exciting adventures, intriguing discoveries, and formidable foes that Season 3 promises to deliver.